COLLETTO is a modernistic and chic brand founded by two millennials with a vision to bring luxury fashion on the streets by making it affordable. This was achieved by cutting the middlemen while manufacturing and servicing for the end customer. The absurd markup on the luxury clothing is then reduced making it budget friendly for everyone.

Taking inspiration from the thriving fashion industry on the streets of Italy, Colletto offers luxury custom fit suits and trendsetting jackets in their first season. The materials used to craft the products are all top grade with leather coming from the finest tanneries while the fur being a Spanish import. We believe in having a strong relationship with our customers and listening to what they have to voice to create a dominant brand in this competitive market without cutting any corners..

We created the World's first Detachable fox fur scarf suits. They truly look majestic and are worth having in the closet.

Why shop with us?:

Affordable prices

Our products are made to perfection at the highest standards using top notch materials but we sell at the lowest market prices.

Custom designs

At Colletto we have the finest skilled craftsman that can make your vision come to life. Is there a jacket or suit that you just can’t get out of your head? We offer services to our customers to fulfil that need. We can create the design you really want but haven’t been able to find anywhere. Whether it’s the perfectly tailored suit, or a svelte winter coat you fell in love with, we can make it for you. We have expertise in research and design and hand make our products.

Satisfied customers

We maintain a strong bond with our customers and this leads to our products and services being highly talked about.


The Duke Grey suit with fox fur scarf

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